Be a Flex Distributor

Want to sell our product? 

Flex Gel is committed to exceptional customer service and conforms to certain methods that upholds our beliefs in customer satisfaction. Flex Gel's product quality standard is something we are proud of and it is without exception that the very same standard be maintained at all levels. To start distributing Flex Gel polishes, please perform the following steps:


1. Send an email to with the subject heading "First Name, Last Name_FlexDistributor". (ie. John Doe_FlexDistributor)

2. In the email, provide the following information in order:

    • Name of business / salon. (If neither is applicable, please explain the reasons for your interest in becoming a Flex Gel Distributor)
    • Location.
    • Quantity of product desired.
    • Are you willing to sign a contract agreement? (Upon approval of your request to become a Flex Gel Distributor, it is mandatory that you sign an  agreement that will outline privacy protocols, time period commitments and copyright / product infringements.
    • Your past experience(if applicable) with Flex Gel and how you heard about us.

Upon review of the information provided, an email will be sent out in the event that you are approved to begin with us. This may take 7-9 business days. 

Thank you very much for your interest in us and we hope to hear from you soon.